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The Eyes are the Windows to Our Souls

... Make them more radiant and stunning!

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I'm Rain and I am an beauty aesthetician from Taipei with many years of experience in the beauty industry. I am a bride secretary, stylist, beautician, eyelash artist, and manicurist.


The principle I have always adhered to is to treat everyone sincerely and aim to bring out the best in you.


I am grateful to every customer who trusts me, not only giving me a chance to serve you, but also yourself a chance to become beautiful.


Professional Aesthetics Services from our Residence Expert

Expect Amazing and Stunning Results!


Eyebrow Embroidery

Beautiful eyebrows perfectly match your facial features

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Eyeline Embroidery

Enhance your eyes without hassle of daily makeup/removal

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Eyelash Extension

Beautiful eyebrows perfectly match your facial features


Client Testimonials



I did misty eyebrows, and I am very satisfied with the eyebrows made by Teacher Xu Yuen from Taiwan! The teacher not only has a good attitude, but also a skillful technique. The beauty salon environment is clean and tidy. All imported color materials are used, which does not change color. The effect is very natural. I like it very much! The teacher took the trouble to inform me of the precautions and presented repair ointments. Finally, thank my friends for recommending me. Now my eyebrows have a new look, which is much better than what I did in BrowXXXXX before, and the price is very reasonable. I wish R Aesthetics a prosperous business here! ❤️❤️

Xiao Ran

Rain is beautiful and attentive. The eyebrows she did for me are very beautiful and natural. I really love it



The eyebrows that you tattooed for me are so natural now, I am very happy about them. I don’t need to draw my eyebrows every day when I go out. It’s so convenient and saved a lot of time

Jia Lin

The eyebrows are so beautiful and natural!



I have always struggled with drawing my eyebrows right for a long time every day. Fortunately, I met the talents of this pretty women. When I looked in the mirror, I deeply appreciated that 80% of my face depended on my eyebrows. I can't live without beautiful Rain's skillful hands!!



The teacher is beautiful and careful, and the eyebrow embroidery she did for me is very beautiful and natural. I love it ❤️❤️❤️

Lin Li

Thank you beautiful Rain for helping me to change my eyebrows. My eyebrows were thin and ugly color ten years ago. After several changes made by the beautiful boss, now I am very satisfied [Yeah!] I look forward to getting a color supplement next time


Hui Hui

The eyebrows are embroidered in style, the technique is super good, it feels very good, super recommended


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Singapore 199597

WhatsApp +65 9233 6838

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