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Korean Gradient Brows

The most popular technique which combines the original eyebrows to form the most natural and soft look. The effect is like brushing eyebrow powder, the brows gradually become darker.


 The powder mist eyebrows use safe and professional plant-based color lotion throughout the process. Through the body’s new metabolism, the color lotion will gradually fade without leaving any traces. It only needs to maintain regular color supplements, which will make people fresh and natural texture at any time. The powder mist eyebrow is made of plant color milk, which will be faded through metabolism, and it needs to be regularly supplemented within 6 months to 1 year (according to the actual color retention rate of the individual)!


The more complementary the color, the more beautiful the misty eyebrows!


Korean Natural Brows

This brings along  a newer tattoo technology, which belongs to the line type of eyebrows. Relatively speaking, the powdery eyebrow makeup is heavier.


Opt for this if you would like

 to achieve eyebrows which are more realistic and natural, and if you are already blessed with a full set of eyebrows!

Korean Natural Ombre Eyebrow Embroidery

This is a combination requiring technique from natural eyebrow + gradient eyebrow which present a perfect effect, creating a natural three-dimensional effect, suitable for all people!


Natural Microblading

Natural Microblading breaks the previous rigid arrangement. There is no need to deliberately describe the shape of the eyebrows. Instead, lines are added to your brows' sparse places  to make the eyebrows look more shape and real and natural. Fits all face shapes!

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