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3D Eyelash Extension

3D Eyelash extension is done by attaching single extensions of 0.15mm or 0.1mm to your natural eyelashes.  It provides a thickness to achieve the visual effect of having brushed mascara.

6D Eyelash Extension

6D Eyelash extension is done by attaching multiple extensions (6 extensions) to each of your natural eyelashes. The extension will appear thinner, such as 0.07mm for flowering grafting, and the maintenance will be more manageable as compared to the Classic 3D eyelash extension. It will create a less hollow effect when eyelash extensions fall, and it is more suitable for ladies with sparse eyelashes as it can create a denser look.


Camellia Eyelashes

Camellia eyelashes create a more natural effect. The effect is completed with alternating extensions of varying lengths (long and short). The different length of the extensions is a major feature of camellia eyelashes as it can create a natural fluffy feeling.

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